Rental&Stage led displays

 Rental&Stage LED Display Solution


Solution detailed instruction 

  1. Standard cabinet in size of (480*480mm,512*512mm,500mm*500 or 500*1000mm etc, help in making screen plan.
  2. Equips professional video processor, which supports signal formats like AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI etc..
  3. Possess high refreshing frequency(rate up to 2400Hz and high contrast up to 5000:1.), which satisfies different
  4. Die-casting Aluminum cabinet in thin and light weight design featuring quick install & uninstall, easy maintenance and seamless splicing.
  5. Hot-plugging support between cabinets.Broad viewing angle, wide color gamut and color uniformity.

Application of LED display 

  1. Synchro broadcasting  stage program, broaden the view of the stage.
  2. Broadcasting stage background picture, create a vivid, real  and shock stage atmosphere.
  3. Company exhibition show,help you to display the product's catalogues and company strategies to visitors.

Successful case show

  • Football Fest in Lavik, Norway